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ABC's View from the Bay: “Egyptian Magic is
the healer of scars, stretch marks, rashes,
you name it. Celebrities love it.”

We couldn't have said it better ourselves. Egyptian Magic is simply the most versatile -- and most effective -- skin cream on the market. After 17 years with nothing but word-of-mouth marketing, the Egyptian Magic company has built this remarkable product into a best-seller in both the US and Japan, with more celebrity endorsements than any product of its kind. Watch the full segment on Egyptian Magic from ABC's View from the Bay...

The secret formula may have come from the Ancient Egyptians, but nothing could be more modern than a 100% natural, all-purpose skin cream that works wonders on your skin and hair. Read our Customer Testimonials to see just how "all-purpose" Egyptian Magic can be.

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Here are some more raves...

“As vouched for by model types like Karolina Kurkova, it gives skin a beautiful sheen.” --Harper's Bazaar

“My secret weapon is Egyptian Magic, a great balm for the skin... It’s an all-purpose remedy.” --Actress Virgina Madsen

“We use it for everything. Our patients love it.” --Dr. Eleanor DeVinny

“It outsells all other body care products at Whole Foods Market by 10%.” --The New York Times

“Madonna won't leave home without it.” --Daily Candy

See all our Celebrity Endorsements...

Wholesale Customers

We are a wholesaler for retailers, spa and salons, and many in the health care community. Click here to get the best pricing around.

Uses for Egyptian Magic

When we say Egyptian Magic is "all-purpose," we mean it! Skin, lips, hair, moisturizing, scars, burns, bites--it does it all. Here are some great examples...

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